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10 April 2008
NiSIS Closure
The NiSIS project expired by the end of January, 2008 and we have summarized our activities in a brochure.
The NiSIS project expired by the end of January, 2008 and we have summarized our activities in a brochure. You can download the pdf.file here on the web site.
01 February 2008
NiSIS 2007 - 3rd Annual Symposium on Malta
The booklet with the presentations can now be ordered at the Service Centre. More details here


NiSIS 2007 - Review

The 3rd European Symposium on nature-inspired Smart Information Systems took place in St. Julians, Malta from 26 – 28 November, 2007. It was again organised by the European NiSIS Co-ordination Group and has shown state-of-the-art presentations as well as new developments in Nature-inspired Systems with Intelliget Technologies.

The event had four Plenaries with very interesting and diverse talks by renowned speakers from Sweden, Portugal, Germany and the U.S.A.

The winners of the NiSIS Team Competition presented their solutions and have been awarded on the first day. Moreover, a Special Workshop about "Assessing Risks and regulating possible applications of nature-inspired System Approaches in Industry" took place.

In different parallel Sessions experts lectured their developments and applications in various areas. In between, very lively discussions took place between the 60 participants from 19 different countries, whereas we could also welcome participants from Japan, Israel and the U.S.A. this year. It was encouraging to see that also students and young researchers participated, as it is one of the objectives of NiSIS to involve new and young people.

Another big part of the programme this year were the different Task Force Workshops. Nearly all the responsible group leaders organised a final Meeting during NiSIS 2007 and took the chance to discuss and present theirresults to a larger audience.

The printed copy of the booklet will be obtainable in January and can be ordered at the Service Centre.

20 November 2007
NiSIS Competition 2007
The Call is closed now and we are pleased to publish the results.

NiSIS Competition 2007 was open from September 05 until November 01 2007. You can see the results by following the link below.

Click here to read more
15 November 2007
NiSIS publication in eStrategies Magazine
The NiSIS group published an article in the eStrategies Magazine October, 2007 included in the special section with focus on FET open.

Read the full article here.
To offer some background, eStrategies Europe reaches a wide European audience defined through several years of market analysis. eStrategies has covered a variety of European focused Research and Innovation topics previously. For example, in November of 2006 eStrategies Europe was the only publication to be distributed in the attendee visitor packs at the IST Helsinki event see link here - IST 

Events 2006 | EUROPA - Information Society. The issue looked at ICT innovation, research and development and the promotion of the European Commissions FP7 initiative. If you attended CEBIT in Hanover Germany, March, you may also have seen eStrategies Europe being distributed at the ICT Awards ceremony. here is the best example  how Projects, Research and Development organisations use eStrategies.

ERCIM use the electronic copies of the report for there site, you can view the Article, Cover and Editorial.

As one of the worlds leading professional R&D dissemination consultants we also make arrangements for physical copies of this report to be re-produced for Projects and distributed to specific contacts on your behalf. I have attached some examples for you, as promised, from these publications. I hope you will see the style of article we wish to produce with you now for the October publication.

Our goal of widespread exposure and dissemination for selected Framework Projects, Eureka projects and commercial research units is achieved via a high profile communications drive, targeting approximately 39,000 key decision makers across both the private & public sectors.

Each of the countries and projects involved will be working closely with us to produce high quality professional dissemination material. We currently have 9 FP6 Projects involved along with several Eureka Projects; we also wish to confirm your project as one of the final projects as soon as possible.


Results of NiSIS 2006 Competition
1st Winner Dr. Dymitr Ruta, British Telecommunications plc
2nd Winner Martin Macas, Czech Technical University in Prague
More details  
To read more about the competitions, as well as to see the photos of the winners, please go here.
Results of NiSIS Industry Survey
We have completed the Industry Survey, trying to find out where the industry could perceive potentials in the work of NiSIS. Please find a summary here  
NiSIS Mallorca Brainstorming Meeting
8- 9 June, 2006 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Our Brainstorming Meeting took place from 8 - 9 June, 2006 in Palma de Mallorca and it was a successful and inspiring event. All interesting presentations and some photos can be found HERE
NISIS ROADMAP Public Commenting  
The Roadmap Draft has been updated and now the first four chapters can be viewed. You are invited to send your comments and suggestions to the Service Centre. Click HERE to proceed.
Member questionnaire (Nov. 2005)

Member questionnaire is now closed. The statistical results can be found HERE and analysis of the responses HERE.
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